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Please wear either a leotard or close-fitting t-shirt and shorts/leggings to class. NO socks, shoes, or jewelry allowed. Long hair must be tied up.

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Pre-K & KinderGym

-Ages 2 1/2 - 5 yrs, girls & boys


-Our Pre-K classes are uniquely designed to jumpstart your little athlete's body awareness and coordination through basic gymnastic movements. Your toddler will also continue to develop and learn social and listening skills. 


​-Up to 3x per week; pricing found under "Prices" tab


-Our KinderGym class is an advanced toddler class that meets once a week on Wednesdays at 6pm. It is geared toward toddlers who are more advanced than Pre-K but not quite ready for Basic. Ages 5-6.

-Both classes Include trampoline, floor, bar, beam and vault exercises

Hot Shots ​(athletes must be evaluated before joining)

-Ages 4-6, girls & boys


-Our Hot Shots class is an advanced Pre-K class that helps prepare your little athlete for our pre-team or team programs.


​-2x week (must attend both classes each week); $125 per month


-Includes trampoline, floor, bar, beam and vault exercises 


Basic​ & Intermediate (athletes must be evaluated before joining Intermediate)

-Ages 6 & up, girls and boys


-Our Basic class is designed to help your athlete further develop basic gymnastic skills learned in pre-k gymnastics or learned naturally. All skill levels are welcome!


-Up to 3x per week; pricing found under "Prices" tab​​


-Our Intermediate class is made up of those who have proven exceptional skill in our basic class and are ready for a more advanced class before possibly joining the pre-team or team program. 


-2x week (must attend both classes each week); $125 per month

-Includes trampoline, floor, bar, beam and vault exercises 


-Ages 8 & up, girls and boys


-Our Tumbling class focuses on floor and trampoline tumbling skills (cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings, and flips). It is also great for cheerleaders or dancers looking to fine tune their tumbling skills.


​-Up to 3x per week; pricing found under "Prices" tab


-Includes trampoline & floor exercises 



Acro Fundamentals ​

-Ages 6 & up, girls and boys


-Our Acro Fundamentals class focuses on developing and fine tuning the skills needed to become an acrobat. In this class, your athlete will learn basic partner stunts, balance, dance, flexibility and tumbling skills which will prepare them to become part of our competitive Acrobatics team. Must already be able to perform a forward roll, backward roll, and handstand.


-1x per week; $80 per month


-Includes partner work, floor, trampoline, and block (stilts) exercises 

Private Lessons

-Ages 5 & up, girls and boys


-Our coaches will work with your athlete, one on one, to help them acheive their personal goals. Whether it be one specific skill or set of skills, our coaches will help your athlete master it!


-Please ask the front desk to help you match with the right coach. Scheduling is decided between the private coach and parent (1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions; pricing can be found under "Prices" tab).

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